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Fermented soy and wheat

For some of our products, you can find “fermented soya and wheat”. In this case, it is soy sauce Kikkoman, which In addition, the gluten will lose the fermentation process. According to EU regulation 1169/2011 to be in the composition listed all the ingredients of the raw materials and, if it is the allergen component is further distinguished by another style or font color. Firm Amunak manufactures 96% of the “gluten-free” products that are currently being sent for analysis SVU (State Veterinary Institute).

Modified starch and GMO

Modified starch and GMO Modified starch and GMO (genetically modified modified organism) has nothing in common. It’s just about the same word “modified”. Modified starch or starch, which is chemically, thermally and physically modified are divided into eg species: hydrolyzed, oxidized, crosslinked. Most starch can be found in potatoes, wheat and maize. Amunak does not produce any GMOs raw materials.

Sodium glutamate and yeast extract

Sodium glutamate is made from yeast due to its high protein content this glutamic acid is first extracted by the glutamic acid then neutralizes with sodium hydroxide and is finally converted to glutamate In contrast, the yeast extract is a brown paste made from different types of yeast. Although the root extract contains to a small extent NATURAL glutamate, but the main part consists mainly of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances.